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for the o〓peration o◆f home appliances○ going to the countr〓yside.鈥?At presen◆t, Beijing ha●s already ■sold 32,363 "home● appliances going● to the coun〓tryside" product〓s, the sale〓s value of which ex■ceeded 50 million yu●an.Sales tours to de●liver produc■ts to doors●tepsInformation show●s that the "home ap■pliances going to th○e countryside"● sales outlet●s must repor●t to the commer■ce bureaus● of

the respe●ctive district ◆and county○, and provide sales■ informati●on via the pr?/p>

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holds in ●Shangdong

鰋gram鈥檚 info●rmation managemen○t system. Me○anwhile, rele●vant sales● enterprises an●d outlets ●will be organized

■to develop various○ forms of pro〓motions, in●cluding sales tour●s, to deli◆ver products to ●farmers鈥?do●orsteps.As

, Henan, 〓Sichuan p

soon● as the commerce a〓uthorities ◆receive a ●complaint from a far●mer against the sa◆les outlet,◆ the autho●ritie

s will investig◆ate and resolv■e the matter within ◆seven workin〓g days and pu〓blicize which outlet● has violated the

rovin■ces over the

r○egulations. Fin◆ance bureau■s should pro○mptly alloca〓te the budgete◆d subsidies int〓o the 鈥渟pe○cial accounts fo

r ◆auto, motorcycle ■and 鈥榟ome 〓appliances going 〓to the countryside鈥?◆subsidies鈥?se◆t up by financ○e offices i〓

la■st six mon■ths,

n villages and tow●ns. If the subsi●dies are insufficie〓nt, finance burea●us in each 〓district and coun◆ty shall ma●k

e advance payment◆s. Industry,■ commerce and qu◆ality supervision au■thorities will s◆trictly crack 〓down on the〓 ill

and is〓 planning

egal practic◆e of selling counte●rfeit, inferior● or refurbish○ed home appli○ances in t●he name of 鈥渉●ome applia○nces going to ◆the countrys●ide鈥?program.Ret〓ail price of hom○e appliances shou〓ld not exceed the 〓maximum lim〓itsInformation ■shows that〓 the central ◆government ha■s set a maxim●um price on nine◆ types of home a●ppliances in t〓he pro

gram●. Beijing will● implement t○he policy bas●ed on these sp●ecific price limits ○and operators〓 should not charge m●ore than the ma●ximum price without〓 authorization. By M○ay 31, Bei◆jing had alrea○dy sold 32,363 "home〓 appliances g●oing to the co■untryside"◆ products,■ the sales v◆alue of whic◆h reached 54.467 mil■lion yuan, su◆rpassing 50 millio

n ●yuan. ○;Translate◆d by LOTOThe State C■ouncil recentl■y approved a◆n implementation ◆plan to encourag●e automobile and h〓ousehold a◆ppliance "trade-i■ns" (hereinaf■ter referred 〓to as the Plan).◆ The Plan s■how

s that a m■aximum sub●sidy of 6,00○0 yuan will ○be granted〓 for "trade●-ins" of automobil●es that ha◆ve reached◆ certain s■ervice lif●etime.Subsidies t○otaling seven bill■ion yuan to ●be allocated to "〓trade-ins"On■

May 19, t〓he policy aimed ●at encouragin■g automobile an■d household applian●ce "trade-■ins" was studied a●nd deployed durin○g a State C〓ouncil executive mee◆ting. The Plan○ for the first time◆ clearly d■efines vari●ou

s aspects of th■e policy, inc●luding its procedu◆re and the◆ scope and stand〓ard of the◆ subsidy.Accordin〓g to an official ○from the National De●velopment and Refo○rm Commission, ■the basic idea of t○he Plan is to enco●

urage "trade-ins" b■y means of fin◆ancial subsidies, wi●th a view to ex◆panding consumpt●ion demand, p●romoting energy ◆conservati◆on and emissi○on reduction, and de○veloping circu○lar econom●y.According to th●e Plan, i

n add〓ition to the 1 b◆illion yuan already ■allocated ■to provide ●subsidies f〓or the replacement ●of old and worn◆-out automobiles ■with new models, ano●ther 4 billio■n yuan in the form■ of subsidies will■ be further a

lloc○ated to cert○ain types of vehic●les that h●ave met service li◆fetime requirement. ◆The subsidi〓es offered sh〓ould not exceed t●he amount of pu◆rchase tax levie●d on the same● model of vehic●le. These types of ○veh

to exp○and the pol

icles in●clude vari◆ous types 〓of freight〓 trucks, some typ○es of medium-dut■y passenger c●ars, and "yellow●-label vehicle○s", which are to ◆be scrapped ◆earlier than their〓 service lif●etime expires and● replaced with new v〓ehicles.The ma●ximum subsidy should■ not exceed 6,000〓 yuan. The s◆pecific amount● are as follows: 6,●000 yuan for medium◆-duty


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